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GNUstep Mastermind implementation

Current version: 0.6, released: 2011-07-15

GMastermind is an implementation of the well-known Mastermind game.

Drag-and-drop colors from the palette or from the board itself. The object is to determine the hidden combination of four colors. The game may be played in two modes: with replacement, which means that colors may repeat, and without replacement, which means that colors are unique. The user selects a choice of four colors and "commits" them. The program replies with an evaluation -- a black peg for a color that is placed correctly, and a white peg for a color that is in the wrong position. The user may make a total of eight queries.

GMastermind was initially written by Marko Riedel. The original homepage is gone. He was so kind to allow giving this little game a new home on GAP.


Version 0.6:


GMastermind 0.6 on OpenBSD/i386:
GMastermind on OpenBSD