GNUstep Application Project


Simulates a jigsaw puzzle and illustrates the use of clipping paths.


Current version: 0.8, released: 2011-07-18

You need a medium-sized TIFF/JPEG/PNG file to play this game.
Left-click and drag to move a piece or cluster.
Ctrl-left-click and drag to connect knobs to slots or slots to knobs.
Right-click to disassemble a cluster.
Ctrl-right-click to extract a piece from a cluster.

It can be difficult to manipulate two pieces that are very close together. It helps to move one of them so that they are at a greater distance.

Jigsaw was initially written by Marko Riedel. The original homepage is gone. He was so kind to allow giving this little game a new home on GAP.


Version 0.8


Jigsaw 0.7 on OpenBSD/i386:
GMines on OpenBSD