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LaternaMagica is an image viewer and slideshow application.

Current version: 0.4, released: 2012-04-19

LaternaMagica is a single-window image viewer application which is capable of switching to full-screen mode.
LaternaMagica maintains its image list in a window and the user selects which image to display, making it easy to assemble a show from different source directories.
LaternaMagica can recurse into directories when looking for images to add and construct the list.

LaternaMagica is capable of exporting the complete list to a folder by operating resizing and file conversion.

MacOS Note:
LaternaMagica 0.2 works also on MacOS-X 10.2, but the supplied binary works only for 10.3 and up. Compile the application from sources with Project Builder to run it or ask for a binary.

on GNUstep:

on Macintosh:

Version 0.2 running on Mac 10.2.8:

LaternaMagica screenshot